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Data Centers

Air2O designs and manufactures mission-critical cooling systems for data centers, utilizing economizer, evaporative cooling technologies, immersion, chilled water and dx technologies. Our data center specialists provide comprehensive design support and use performance-predicting software to recommend the most efficient and cost-effective custom solution for any project worldwide.


Extreme Low Humidity (ELH) solutions are engineered to meet the lithium-ion battery industry ‘s stringent low dew point requirements, providing unparalleled environmental control precision, (down to -60 F DP). Our ELH systems meticulously maintain ultra-low humidity conditions, which is crucial for preserving material integrity and optimizing battery performance. These solutions prevent water contamination and premature chemical reactions, two critical factors in ensuring optimal battery safety and efficacy.


Air2O has developed several technological solutions for the CEA industry, from indirect evaporative cooling for low humidity ambient criteria to energy recuperation and desiccant dehumidification for low dew point conditions. Our vast experience in environmental control for indoor agriculture and deep understanding of plants’ cultivation specifics allow our team to design the most optimum HVACD system for each project. The extensive controls package with versatile programming options helps the operators maintain tight trending of the set points. Integrating any fertigation control platform into an umbrella BMS is easy.

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