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Data Metamorphosis: Unveiling 2024

The global information technology (IT) market is estimated to be worth over $5 trillion. It’s fair to say that information technology is more critical to the global business community than ever. Thanks to emerging technologies, the technology sector is changing faster than ever. … Read More

Chilling Perspective: Navigating the Future of Data Center Cooling – Debunking Myths and Embracing Innovation

The global proliferation of data centers has been significant, triggered by the exponential growth of digital data and the surge in computing. Data centers are growing not just in number but also in capacity, complexity, and energy efficiency. … Read More

A Beacon of Sustainability with IKEA

Air2O units were recently installed as part of new … Read More

Designing a Data Center Cooling System

When we design a data center cooling system, we … Read More

5 Factors in HVACD Design for Data Centers

Data centers typically are high-density enclosed spaces that produce and … Read More

Decoupling of Sensible and Latent Loads for Climate Control of Controlled Environment Agriculture.

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) has gained a strong momentum … Read More

Revolutionizing Indoor Agriculture with Energy-Efficient Solutions: The Air2O Story

A video on Revolutionizing Indoor Agriculture with Energy-Efficient … Read More