Performance Predicting Software for
Evaporative Cooling Systems by Air2O

Performance Predicting Software

Air2O has developed a unique performance-predicting software called DEN, allowing engineers to design evaporative cooling systems confidently and confidently. The software uses historical and current weather data from around the world to predict the performance of evaporative cooling systems and provides yearly power and water consumption data. DEN is embedded with the performance of Direct, IDEC, and Hybrid evaporative cooling technologies, enabling engineers to determine the most suitable system for a particular project.

  • Traditionally, the uncertainty in evaporative cooling system designs and results has hindered the adoption of this low-energy cooling technology.
  • For the first time, Air2O introduces DEN, a groundbreaking performance-predicting software that empowers engineers to design evaporative cooling systems with absolute confidence and certainty. Our software can be applied to any project worldwide, accurately predicting system performance, energy consumption, and the energy savings the Air2O system will provide.
  • Evaporative cooling is a well-known, low-energy, and sustainable technology used globally to cool internal and external spaces, ensuring human comfort and maintaining critical temperature criteria for data centers and process plants. System performance is directly influenced by external temperature patterns, which has historically made it difficult to predict and limited its adoption among professional engineers.
  • Adopting evaporative cooling technology shouldn’t be hindered by a lack of understanding among building service engineers. As modern demands strain the world’s power consumption, engineers must embrace greener solutions for cooling systems instead of relying on high-energy-consuming refrigerated air conditioning equipment. To address this issue, Air2O Cooling Limited has developed DEN, a unique software program that predicts the performance of evaporative cooling systems.

DEN provides yearly power and water consumption data, enabling engineers to compare performance and energy savings against conventional refrigerated cooling approaches. This vital information assists engineers and end-users in choosing evaporative cooling as their preferred technology.

DEN’s database includes the performance of three types of evaporative cooling technologies: Direct, IDEC, and Hybrid. This allows engineers to confidently specify evaporative cooling technology and determine the most suitable system for a project.

Air2O Cooling Limited is currently the only company able to design evaporative cooling systems with complete certainty. Eliminating this uncertainty gives professional engineers the confidence to select evaporative cooling technology and showcase the predicted system performance to end-users, modernizing evaporative cooling system design.

As proud innovators and early adopters of evaporative cooling technology, we are passionate about raising awareness of this low-energy solution. We recognize that the primary barrier to its global adoption has been the confidence and understanding of professional design engineers. DEN is a game-changing software for evaporative cooling design and global energy consumption, and it would be a disservice to keep it from professional use.