Indirect Evaporative + Hybrid Cooling

Indirect Evaporative + Hybrid Cooling

Indirect Evaporative + Hybrid Cooling

Delivering the World’s Most Energy Efficient and Sustainable Thermal Management Solutions

Bespoke Spectrum Series offers a range of cooling systems providing high efficiency cooling that creates an optimum environment for server performance while lowering your data center PUE. 

PUE as low as 1.1

Up to 70% less energy than traditional Dx systems


Configurable design

2500cfm to 100,000cfm

Up to 700 kW as a single unit

Reduced peak operating kilowatt = Increased server capa

Designed for greater performance, energy efficiency and reliability!

Tailored Precision

We understand that no two data centers are the same. That's why we work closely with you to design and manufacture air handling units that perfectly align with your unique requirements, whether it's a small-scale operation or a massive cloud computing facility.

Energy Efficiency

In a world that's increasingly conscious of its environmental impact, our units are designed with energy efficiency in mind. We help you reduce your carbon footprint while optimizing performance, thus saving on operational costs.

Uncompromised Quality

We use the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technology to build units that are not just efficient but also reliable. Trust in the durability of our systems to safeguard your data center's continuity.

Industry-Leading Expertise

With a team of experts in air handling and data center cooling, we stay at the forefront of industry developments, ensuring that your data center remains ahead of the curve.

Committed To Innovation Sustainability and Energy Efficency