Industrial Solutions
Delivering the World’s Most Energy Efficient and Sustainable Thermal Management Solutions

Provide spot, local or full cooling in your factory, warehouse, or production facility while also providing ventilation and cool air at up to 80% energy savings compared to traditional cooling methods.

Economical up to 70% saving on energy consumption.

Effective delivery with temperatures as low as 50ºF (10C)

100% Healthy, oxygen rich fresh air. No recycling stale air.

Easy maintenance

Environmentally friendly as no harmful gases are used in the process.

It’s not a secret that industrial facilities, especially electronics and manufacturing, produce incredible amounts of heat and the sheer volume of these spaces pose a real challenge to efficient cooling. In these large facilities, it is critical that efficient cooling is a key part of your operational procedures. With a wide range of available systems, our industrial cooling specialists can provide an ideal cooling solution for your facilities utilizing our fresh air and recirculation technologies.

Depending upon the type of industrial facility, we have the ability to produce solutions for any scale and can determine the most appropriate system for your needs with our proprietary analysis software (DEN). This data provides us with optimal system for the end user, with the lowest capital investment for your facility.

Air2O systems have the capability to provide spot, local or full cooling within your factory, warehouse or production facility. We are able to deliver ventilation (fresh outside air) and cool air at up to an 80% energy savings compared to traditional cooling alternatives.

An Air Conditioning system that utilizes IDEC technology with a +9 COP and +30 EER. Delivering 100% fresh air, and capable of delivering energy savings up to 70% over compressor-only based systems.

To save as much energy as possible, Air2O air conditioning units can operate in a multitude of stages: Free cooling, Direct evaporative cooling and Indirect/Direct evaporative cooling, and/or DX/Chilled water depending on the outdoor temperature/relative humidity and the desired internal conditions.

The ability to independently operate all combinations of cooling maximizes the energy savings.

Committed To Innovation Sustainability and Energy Efficency