Extreme Low Humidity (ELH) Product


Delivering the World’s Most Energy Efficient and Sustainable Thermal Management Solutions

Meticulously maintain ultra-low humidity conditions, crucial for preserving material integrity and optimizing battery performance. 

Application Range

Applications range from -40°F(-40°C) to -76°F(-60°C)


Consistent performance even in the most demanding environments


Quality Construction, maintenance accessibility, critical spares strategy, outstanding warranty

Energy Efficient

High-moisture removal rate with reduced energy costs

Operation Excellence

Constant duty cycle operation

Air2O’s Extreme Low Humidity (ELH) solutions are specifically engineered to meet the stringent low dew point requirements of the lithium-ion battery industry. We understand the critical need for maintaining ultra-low humidity conditions to preserve material integrity and optimize battery performance. With our ELH systems, we provide unparalleled environmental control precision, achieving dew points as low as -60°F. Preserving material integrity is of utmost importance in the lithium-ion battery industry, as any water contamination or premature chemical reactions can have serious consequences on battery safety and efficacy. Our ELH solutions are designed to prevent such issues, ensuring that your batteries operate at their highest level of performance. By meticulously maintaining ultra-low humidity conditions, Air2O’s ELH systems enable you to protect the integrity and lifespan of your battery materials. Our precise environmental control prevents the intrusion of moisture, which can lead to degradation and impede the battery’s overall performance and reliability. With our state-of-the-art ELH solutions, you can trust that your lithium-ion batteries are in capable hands. Our engineering expertise and attention to detail allow us to deliver the precise control and stability necessary for optimal battery performance. You can rely on our systems to maintain the strict environmental conditions required for your operations. Whether you need to prevent water contamination, mitigate the risk of premature chemical reactions, or optimize battery safety and efficacy, Air2O’s ELH systems provide the ideal solution. Our commitment to delivering the highest level of performance and reliability ensures that your lithium-ion batteries are protected and perform at their best.

The schematic represents comprehensive design for a moisture adsorption unit with purge feature, designed to efficiently eliminate excess moisture from your indoor environment.combines the principles of moisture adsorption and targeted purging to deliver optimal dehumidification performance, ensuring a comfortable and healthy indoor space.