Battery Manufacturing
Extreme Low Humidity (ELH) solutions are engineered to meet the lithium-ion battery industry ‘s stringent low dew point requirements.

We believe that sustainability is not just a responsibility—it is an opportunity to create shared value for all our stakeholders.

Environmental Control Precision

Unparalleled environmental control precision, (down to -60 F DP). Our ELH systems meticulously maintain ultra-low humidity conditions, which is crucial for preserving material integrity and optimizing battery performance.


The ELH systems are designed with the flexibility to adapt to innovations in materials and production techniques, assuring that you’re always equipped with the most advanced and relevant technology. 

Safety and Efficiency

Air2Os solutions  prevent water contamination and premature chemical reactions, two critical factors in ensuring optimal battery safety and efficacy.

Low Dew Point Air Handling Unit

Compact and effective for low dew point applications. Enhanced dehumidification units are designed for high latent load and low-temperature humidity conditions. Condenser heat is used for desiccant regeneration.

Committed To Innovation Sustainability and Energy Efficency