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Delivering the World’s Most Energy Efficient and Sustainable Thermal Management Solutions

Traditional HVAC solutions are often not the most efficient cooling technology open-air environments. Air2O can provide the perfect cooling solution for your facilities, helping maintain a comfortable work environment.

Free Cooling

Our solutions offers highly efficient fresh-air cooling technologies for a comfortable work environment.

Energy Savings

We use IDEC technology to deliver 100% fresh air with up to 70% energy savings over compressor-based systems.

Sustainaible Bespoke Designs

Our sustainaible custom designs help our customers minimize their environmental impacts by using environmentally friendly products and materials to reduce waste and conserve energy.

Studies have shown that comfortable workers are safer and more productive. Automotive workshops are notoriously difficult to keep cool during the summer especially as the nature of the work leaves large vehicle doors open for extended periods of time. Conventional air conditioning becomes a hugely expensive and an ineffective commodity.

Subsequently the rising temperatures within the workshops in the summer inevitably cause productivity to suffer, therefore, it is critical that efficient cooling is a key part of your operational procedures. With a wide range of available systems, our automotive workshop cooling specialists can provide an ideal cooling solution for your facilities utilizing our highly efficient fresh air cooling technologies.

Air2O can supply the perfect cooling solution to the automotive industry to maintain comfortable working conditions and ensuring an increased productivity.

Depending upon the type of industrial facility, we have the ability to produce solutions for any scale and can determine the most appropriate system for your needs with our proprietary analysis software (DEN). This data provides us with information to select the optimal system with the lowest capital investment for your facility.

Our systems have the capability to provide spot, local or full cooling within your workshop. We are able to deliver ventilation (fresh outside air) and cool air with up to an 80% energy savings compared to traditional cooling alternatives.

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