North America


Co-Location Data Center

Use Case

Energy Efficient Cooling


Recirculating Indirect Evaporative Cooling with 129 Ton DX for trim cooling

System Specs

N+l 569,800 CFM Units Return Air of 100°F and Supply Air of 70°F with Ambient Conditions of 95.9/SlWB Indirect Evaporative Cooling. PUE of 1.05.

Unprecedented Footprint to Capacity Ratio

Project l9Zl is one of Air2O's leading projects which falls under the Air2O's SMR product category, this packaged solution up to 422Kw in size includes Water Side Economizer/Run Around Coil, Economizer/ DX trim, his project provided high quality, cost-effective solution for a Co-Location data center project located in North America.

The Challenge

One of the world’s leading digital infrastructure providers required a cooling solution to replace their existing data center units with a more efficientsolution to reduce running costs and accommodate system upgrades, which had to be designed with dimensional and weight constraints with anunprecedented footprint to capacity ratio.

The design team for this project desired an energy-efficient cooling solution that would keep upfront costs in check while also keeping the space comfortable with minimum energy consumption to avoid high running costs with all constraints in mind. Due to the scale of this project, the client was concerned about the capability of the available options on the market to meet their project’s demands, therefore the use of standard-sized solutions was not available.

Key Results

PUE of 1.05

60% Energy Savings

100% Recirculated Air

Sustainable Solution

Enviornmentaly Sound

The Approach

Traditional AHU’s utilizing refrigerant or chilled water were considered, but use substantial amounts of energy which is amplified further by the heat generated by the computer servers and other equipment. After considering all project requirement and constraints, the design team opted to proceed with SMR model units, which utilizes hybrid operation (indirect evaporative cooling and mechanical cooling) hence obtaining high efficiency and cooling capacity, furthermore, a highly efficient operation sequence needed to be developed to ensure smooth and cost effective operation, which encouraged the design team to developed and implement a new energy management protocol to reduce running cost.

The Solution

The final selection was 5 No.SMR-600 69,800 CFM Indirect Evaporative Cooling with DX Packaged Cooling Units to maintain discharge temperature of 70F throughout the years. The units maintained the footprint and weight constraints. An Integrated control sequence that allows the unit to optimize opeation according to load change and ambient air temperate delectations was implemented. The result has been unprecedented and industry leading cooling capacity of 5MW within 5000 sq.ft.