Arizona Department of Transportation


Safford, Arizona



Use Case

Energy Efficient Cooling


Indirect + Direct Evaporating Cooling System in an Automotive Maintenance Space

System Specs

1 No. 20,000cfm Indirect Direct Evaporative cooling unit to deliver 90 tons of cooling

Increased Comfort and Productivity

A critical requirement to deploy energy efficient cooling solution, without recycling indoor air. Air2O's cooling solutions was able to supply 100% fresh air for the service bay, while providing an energy savings upwards of 70% compared to traditional DX cooling options.

The Challenge

ADOT was in the midst of building a new maintenance facility, and required a cooling solution that would provide both consistent temperatures and humidity control inside the service area for their staff. Other ADOT facilities utilizing direct evaporative solutions led to very uncomfortable internal conditions which created challenges for employee productivity and turnover.

Key Results

70% energy savings per year

100% fresh air - increase indoor air quality

Sustainable solution - no refrigerant gasses

Enviornmentaly Sound

The Solution

With average temperatures in a typical Arizona summer reaching a staggering 105 degrees Fahrenheit with 10% humidity, ADOT required an Air2O solution which would cool the air to 55 degrees Fahrenheit and comfortably maintain the temperatures/humidity. Since 100% fresh cool air is delivered, the indoor air quality has dramatically improved and service bay doors can be left open with no detrimental effects on internal performance. 1 No. 20,000 CFM Air2O IDEC unit was selected as the most cost-effective cooling solution for the 30,000 square foot service area. These units incorporated the latest technology in high-performance energy energy-efficient cooling technology available in the world.

The Results

The Air2O system delivers consistent cooling performance and internal space conditions which lead to more engaged employees. The new maintenance building experienced savings upwards of 70% compared to traditional DX systems by utilizing Air2O technology together with a dramatic improvement of the indoor air quality within their service bay.