Air2O,(ICT) secures a $14.1 million equity Investment from EREN Groupe

Air20 (ICT) secures a $14.1 million equity Investment from EREN Groupe

PHOENIX, March, 22th 2023 – Air2O, a global leader in advanced thermal management solutions to mission critical environments and an Innovative Climatic Technologies (ICT) company, announced today a $14.1 million investment from EREN Groupe in its equity as well as in assets giving access to its capital. This investment will help Air2O accelerate Innovation, Expansion, Talent Development, and Supply Chain Logistics.

Working for some of the world’s most respected companies, Air2O’s solutions are tailored to meet customers’ unique needs in various industries, including Data Centers, Indoor Agriculture/Cultivation, and Industrial facilities such as Lithium Battery and Semi-Conductor production. Air2O teams have created and developed many advanced and industry leading HVACD, unique adiabatic solutions including an evaporative cooling and hybrid air conditioning technology which can deliver a 40-60% reduction in energy consumption compared to traditional air conditioning. Regarding Data Centers, many of Air2O solutions can achieve PUE of lower than 1.1. In addition, the company has developed and patented intelligent control systems which automatically respond to external and internal climate conditions as they fluctuate in a variety of applications.

Through their head office in Phoenix, Arizona, UK office and global representation, Air2O  has developed a unique performance-predicting software that enables the global engineering community to professionally design Data Center cooling systems with complete confidence and certainty. Its teams are able to consider any project, anywhere in the world, to determine project requirements and accurately predict system performance, energy consumption, and the subsequent energy savings the Air2O solution will deliver. Furthermore, Air2O software incorporates AI to help refine the design parameters of the data center.
Michael Sullivan, CEO and Co-Founder, Air2O: “ Air2O has always been at the forefront of innovation. From data centers and large-scale indoor agricultural facilities to highly sensitive production environments for semiconductors and lithium batteries, our systems are deployed in high-performance environments across industries where efficiency and redundancy are operational priorities. We thank EREN Groupe for contributing to our mission and enabling us to accelerate the development of new technologies and deliver sustainable, state-of-the-art intelligent solutions to customers worldwide.”

Paris Mouratoglou, Chairman, EREN Groupe: “Our investment in Air2O shows our ongoing commitment to advancing technologies that will help achieve climate targets. Air2O brings a unique solution for highly efficient, ecologically sound hybrid cooling systems that can be deployed cost-effectively in the most demanding environments. The technology demonstrates a great potential to accelerate the adoption of efficient cooling technologies in any climate zone. We are thrilled to partner with the innovative engineering teams, building experts, and industry professionals at Air2O.”

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 Air2O is a global leader in advanced thermal management solutions to the mission-critical environments of Data centers, indoor agriculture/cultivation and large Industrial facilities such as Lithium Battery and Semi-Conductor production. With custom-build capabilities around the world, a culture of creative engineers, and an infrastructure to support the manufacture of the most innovative of solutions, Air2O aims to deliver the most advanced, efficient, sustainable, and optimal solutions for our clients around the world

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Founded more than 20 years ago by Pâris Mouratoglou, the EREN Group is a player dedicated to the preservation of natural resources. It remains the pioneer of renewable energies in Europe and today holds, through its subsidiary Total Eren, nearly 3.5 GWhs of renewable energy assets in operation or under construction across the five continents. At the same time, the EREN Group has developed expertise in reducing the energy consumption and therefore the carbon footprint of buildings, through the optimization of their control systems and the use of thermal geo storage. Finally, it has historically been a committed player in the worlds of sports and music, notably through the Patrick Mouratoglou Tennis Academy and the Medici company, the latter of which is the world leader in classical music.